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We've added Hoganas+ Chairs!!

9th Oct 2015

We have been selling Hoganasmobler posture chairs for some time now, but never advertised the fact! We've now got the swanky new website and thought it was about time we did!

The Hoganas+ range of chairs are designed with the premise in mind that 'no two people are the same'.

Some of us are tall while others are short. Some of us are slim, while others......

That is why we need office chairs that can be tailored to suit our individual needs, particularly since many of us spend a large part of our working lives sitting in our office chair behind a desk.

The Hoganas+ range offers a wide range of possible combinations in order to ensure the greatest degree of flexibility and comfort!

Key to the Hogans+ range is the 'multimatic' movement mechanism, designed for those who vary their work tasks regularly. Multimatic has free float movement in three balance axes: the seat, the tilt function, and the backrest. These move seperately in relation to each other, which means that you can sit upright, stretch out, sit in balance or lean backwards - all without having to change the chair's settings.