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Desk Raisers (Set of 8)

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Set of 8 x 1" desk raisers or desk risers. (Dimensions of one = 1" high x4"x4")

Desk raisers/risers are an ideal way of getting your working space to the correct height. It is important to sit at a height that allows you to both relax your shoulders whilst typing, but also so that you can get under your desk without your legs being trapped by the underside of the desk. 

Particularly tall users may find they need to raise the height of the desk to prevent them from stooping over a low desk, and to allow them to get their legs under the desk.

We do not advise raising your desk more than 3" for stability reasons.

(Shape also offer round Desk Raiser's if required - please ask for details)

Dimensions HxWxD (mm)
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Desk Raisers (Set of 8)

From £30.00 (£25.00 +VAT)

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