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DeskBike is new to the UK, with Shape Posture Seating the first company to bring the idea to market outside of Scandinavia. The concept is key to our core belief of movement, and compliments the active sitting and sit-stand working ethos that we continue to promote.

DeskBike is simply that! A bike that allows you to work at your sit-stand desk, keeping the body and mind active!

The DeskBike has been very well received in Scandinavia, with many accolades and endorsements;

"the constant movement and simultaneous usage of desk bikes while working has the possibility to not only influence on-going work task and but may also the positive side effect of health (von Thiele Schwarz, Hasson, 2011). In fact, it is no longer subject to debate about the positive effect of physical activity on physical and mental health (Proper et al., 2003). For this reason, it can be inferred that factor of focus and concentration while cycling is enhanced." (Desk bikes in a corporate environment, University of Amsterdam)

We would suggest using the DeskBike alongside a DeskRise SPS3 electric sit-stand desk, with the benefits of having no cross-beam to affect the leg movement, and with a memory function to give effortless movement between your sitting, biking and standing postures! To use your DeskBike effectively, you would need a desk at a minimum height of 110cm (DeskRise SPS3 rises to 122cm)



From £360.00 (£300.00 +VAT)

This unique patented Deskbike® fits under your sit-stand desk so you cycle and work at your desk the same time. By...

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