MBoard 870 Mini Keyboard Bluetooth - Shape Seating

MBoard 870 Mini Keyboard Bluetooth

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The M-board 870 is a Bluetooth keyboard that puts the mouse in the right position.

Wireless: Bluetooth 3.0 technology (compatible with iOs, Android and Windows)
Multi-pairing: quick switching between typing on laptop, tablet or smartphone
Ergonomic: effective keystrokes and feedback due to scissor mechanism instead of membrane
Mobile: only 2 cm 'thick' and light in weight
Compact: reduces reaching distance to the mouse

Ideal for use with the TabletRiser

Split Adjust
Dimensions HxWxD (mm)
Weight (kg)
KB Shape
Mac Compatible
Programmable Buttons
Mulitmedia Keys
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MBoard 870 Mini Keyboard Bluetooth

From £71.94 (£59.95 +VAT)

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From £71.94 (£59.95 +VAT)

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Arrow Tablet Stand

From £54.00 (£45.00 +VAT)

Suitable for all iPad models, Galaxy, Kindle Fire, and many other tablets up to 13mm in thickness. Available in silver with white accent. Anyone using a tablet computer will be familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of not having any support for the hands or wrists whilst typing, or having the screen too low whilst viewing the screen. The ARROW addresses both these issues. Ergonomic Cafe tablet solutions are the only stands that offer the user the unique ergonomic and comfort benefits of palm and wrist support, whilst also lifting the screen to an improved viewing angle and height. However the ARROW also offers the benefit of raising the screen height for use with an external keyboard, video conferencing or viewing videos/documents. For these outstanding benefits the ARROW has been awarded the coveted FIRA ERGONOMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD for the unique and outstanding ergonomic benefits it offers the user. Whilst typing, position the ARROW and tablet at the front of the desk to allow for straight and natural wrist form. Designed and ergonomically tested to be used at a desk, on a table, on your lap and even lying down. In-fact EVERYWHERE you want to use your tablet, you can now use it comfortably.  

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From £123.54 (£102.95 +VAT)

The TabletRiser from Bakkerelkhuizen adjusts seemlessly to give the optimum viewing angle for all sizes of tablet from 9.7 to 10.5 inches (maximum dimensions of tablet 320 x 195 mm), including Apply, Sony, Samsung etc. The hard body case protects your tablet and gives space to store your compact keyboard. Key features include: Adjust your tablet steplessly to every angle you want. Provides height adjustment to your tablet. Prevents discomfort in your neck, back and shoulders whilst using your tablet. Includes space to carry compact keyboards. Keyboard is not fixed allowing you to position your keyboard to suit you. Great portability and light enough to carry round.    

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