Orangebox do (Armrests Optional) - Ergonomic Mesh Backed Office Chairs - Shape Seating

Orangebox do (Armrests Optional)

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We’re pretty certain there’s no one perfect seated position but think instead that movement’s the key to keeping us alert and in good shape through a long working day. So with no back-lock as standard, the do chair’s been designed to encourage movement and blood flow whilst ensuring it always supports you fully.

Both the technical and upholstered mesh textiles adapt to each user’s body shape to always provide great back support. The single skin mesh allows better temperature control and breathe-ability than a traditional upholstered back.

The integrated flexible lumbar pad has 100mm of adjustment and is easy to reach and to operate when you’re sat in the chair.

The seat controls are intuitive & simple; if it moves the seat, then it’s on the seat, with height adjustment on one side and depth adjustment on the other. 

The weight balancing mechanism automatically adapts to any size of user, taking away the need for the usual tension adjustment & complicated chair ‘set-up’.The optional travel limiter allows back recline to three different angles but ensures that the back can only ever be locked in the upright position.

Armrests and headrest are optional

Synchronous Movement
Seat Tilt
Independent Back Angle Adjustment
Seat Depth Adjustment
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Seat Size
Medium Seat
Back Size
Medium Back
Weight Rating
23.5 Stone
Seat Height
Backrest Width
Seat Depth
Seat Width
Backrest Height
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Orangebox DO 2

Orangebox do (Armrests Optional)

From £473.75 (£394.79 +VAT)

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From £473.75 (£394.79 +VAT)

Standard Product Information

Castors/Glides: Black, 65mm hard type, free-wheel castors on task chairs & black, fixed glides on counter height chairs.

Base: 26 inch black nylon with removable collar to aid recycling.

Gas Lift: Black, poweder coated steel barrel on task chairs.

Mechanism: Synchronous & weight balancing action with up to 20 dgrees of recline. Non locking to encourage movement throughout the day. (Optional locking mechanism available)

Seat: Black seat pan with 76mm of seat depth adjustment. Integrated seat height and seat depth controls.

Seat cushion: CMHR moulded foam. Seamless cover for fabric upholstery & panelled cover for leather or vinyl.

Arms: (Optional) Colour matched to backrest; Black TPU, soft touch arm pad with 100mm of height adjustment.

Backrest frame: Black or stone frame with black 'technical'mesh or grey 'upholstered' black mesh textile.

Backrest upholstery plate: Black, white, grey, stone or leaf green.



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