QUICK SHIP - Orangebox Smart Home Working Bundle KIT-2 - Shape Seating

Smart Home Working KIT-2 (Orangebox Do Chair + Tablet Kit)

£552.64 (£460.53 +VAT)
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    • Lumbar Pain lumbar-pain-3 The lumbar region is sometimes referred to as the lower spine, or as an area of the back in its proximity.
    • Coccyx Pain coccyx pain 2 The coccyx, commonly referred to as the tailbone, is the final segment of the vertebral column in humans and apes.
    • Neck & Shoulder neck shoulder 3 The neck is the body part between the head and torso.
    • Sciatic Pain sciatic-pain-2 The sciatic nerve is a large nerve in humans and other animals. It begins in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the lower limb.
    • Pelvic Pain pelvic pain 2 The pelvis is either the lower part of the trunk, between the abdomen and the thighs, or the skeleton embedded in it.
    • Spinal Curvature or Pressure spinal curvature Spinal curvature is when there's abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.
    • Lumbar SupportNullam cursus, libero quis faucibus euismod, metus justo pellentesque tortor, at auctor nisi ipsum sit amet libero. Vivamus vehicula luctus consequat. Quisque iaculis, ante eget semper semper, nisi ipsum egestas libero, id sagittis nulla nisi vitae velit.
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QUICK SHIP BUNDLE (3 Days UK Mainland*): 

Orangebox Do Chair with Tilt Limiter and Armrests (BLACK or WHITE) (RRP: £592.80)


Logitec MK270 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (RRP: £21.75)


Ergo-Q Hybrid Tablet-Laptop Stand (RRP: £131.94)

Synchronous Movement
Seat Tilt
Independent Back Angle Adjustment
Seat Depth Adjustment
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Seat Size
Medium Seat
Back Size
Medium Back
Weight Rating
23.5 Stone
Seat Height
Backrest Width
Seat Depth
Seat Width
Backrest Height
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orangebox do quick ship home worker KIT-2

Smart Home Working KIT-2 (Orangebox Do Chair + Tablet Kit)

From £552.64 (£460.53 +VAT)

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From £552.64 (£460.53 +VAT)

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Product description:

1) Orangebox Do Chair with Armrests

We’ve nominated the ‘Do’ chair as one of our best home working solutions as it’s not only light on its feet and easy to manoeuvre, it’s also incredibly comfortable. Chair Available in Black or White Frame, with Black Fabric Seat**

*Certificated and Compliant to UK British Standard Fire Safety legal requirements for domestic furniture application.

The integrated flexible lumbar pad has 100mm of adjustment and is easy to reach and to operate when you’re sat in the chair.

The seat controls are intuitive & simple; if it moves the seat, then it’s on the seat, with height adjustment on one side and depth adjustment on the other. 

The weight balancing mechanism automatically adapts to any size of user, taking away the need for the usual tension adjustment & complicated chair ‘set-up’.The optional travel limiter allows back recline to three different angles but ensures that the back can only ever be locked in the upright position.

Black Finish Specification: 

Tilt Limiter
Black Technical Mesh
Black Base
Black Back Frame
Black Upholstery Plate
65mm Black Hard Castors* (65mm Soft Castors - Available as an Upcharge)

White Finish Specification:

Tilt Limiter
Black Technical Mesh
Black Base
White Back Frame
White Upholstery Plate
65mm Black Hard Castors*

**Colours restricted for online purchase - we have 10 colours to offer if preferred. (*Please call 01629 814656 to order yours in any colour shown)

Blizzard YS081_WEB Havana YS009_WEB Osumi YS171_WEB Slip YS094_WEB Sombrero YS046_WEB

2) Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse: Fast, reliable connection up to 10-meters with virtually no delays or drop-outs
thanks to Logitech advanced 2.4 Wireless technology. On-the-go mouse. Take this compact mouse anywhere your computer goes. Long battery life.

3) Ergo-Q Hybrid Laptop-Tablet Stand: The Ergo-Q Hybrid is a compact and light stand suitable for tablets, laptops, and hybrid laptops.

This mobile stand has 4 adjustable heights, which lets you use the tablet in landscape or portrait mode.

Early research is indicating that the upsides many of us are experiencing from working at home are likely to lead to
homeworking becoming a bigger part of our work life after the Covid-19 pandemic has abated.

In the wake of the Coronavirus, it seemed likely that working from home would be a passing storm,
but it has very quickly transformed into ’climate change’. Early research is indicating that the upsides (and yes, there
are still a few downsides) many of us are experiencing from working at home will lead to it becoming a bigger part
of our work life after the Covid-19 pandemic has abated.

We have all quickly proven that digital meetings and document/file sharing work just fine, and discovered that,
without the time and energy demands of travel and commuting, we are able to use our time and resources more
productively. Meanwhile, every time we look up, take a deep breath, or see a post showing how nature is recovering
during the global lockdown, the environmental benefits of so many of us working from home are clear.

Smart Home Working is Orangebox’s initiative to bring our ergonomic and wellbeing acumen from the workplace
into the home. We’re here for the long term, so there’s no escaping the need for the correct furniture and accessories
to support your home workday.

As a manufacturer, Orangebox only brings products to market after conducting in-depth research, undertaking
extensive development and testing, and ensuring that they comply fully with all relevant DSE regulations. All of our
task chairs, for example, meet the current dimensional, ergonomic and strength guidelines, ensuring that you and
your colleagues can benefit from ergonomically refined performance and comfort, at all times.

Product Certification

Intertek Sustainability Clean Air Product Certification
Clean Air certification provides proof that products have been
independently tested and found to conform to VOC standards
and to the ANSI/ BIFMA Furniture Emissions Standards.

BS5852 Part 2
Legal requirement for use in domestic furniture and fire safety
regulations 1988 (& 1989,1993).

EN 1021 1 & 2
Fabrics tested to European standard for upholstery. Whilst EU
countries should adopt EN1021 part 1 & 2 certificates some
countries still adhere to their national standards.

BS EN 1335
Part 1 - Dimensions, determination of dimensions.

BS EN 1335-2 & 3:2009
Structurally suitable and sufficiently stable for use as an office
task chair.

BS 5459 - 2 : 2000
Specification for Performance Requirements and Tests for
Office Furniture.

BS EN ISO 9241-5:1999
Ergonomic requirements of office work with visual display
terminals (VDT’s) Workstation layout and postural requirements.
Part 5: Workstation layout and postural requirements.

BS 5459-2:2000+A2:2008
Structurally suitable and sufficiently stable for use as an office
work chair.

ANSI / BIFMA X5.1:2011
Type 1 - Structurally suitable and sufficiently stable for General
Purpose Office use.