HAG Futu 1200-S (Armrests Optional) - Shape Seating

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HÅG Futu 1200-S provides the best of two worlds; an advanced interior based on HÅG’s new inBalance technology, and with its clean and continuous lines HÅG Futu is more a piece of furniture than a technical aid. It is simple, easy to use and just as well suited to large office landscapes as to individual offices.

FutuKnitTM - 3D shape-knitted fabric, especially designed for HÅG Futu. FutuKnit’s good elastic properties naturally adapt to the shape of the user's back, weight and movements.

Ships with: 

FUTUKnit Black Fabric

Lumbar Support

Seat height 40-55cm (165mm gas Lift) - Standard

Silver Base

With or Without Armrests

inBalance (Balanced, flowing tilt function backwards and forwards)
Seat Tilt
Independent Back Angle Adjustment
Seat Depth Adjustment
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Seat Size
Medium Seat
Back Size
Medium Back
Weight Rating
23.5 Stone
Seat Height
Backrest Width
Data unavailable
Seat Depth
Seat Width
Backrest Height
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QUICK SHIP - HAG Futu 1200-S (Armrests Optional)

From £692.40 £553.92 (£461.60 +VAT) Save 20%

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From £692.40 £553.92 (£461.60 +VAT) Save 20%

HÅG Futu is more a piece of furniture than a technical aid. It is simple, easy to use and just as well suited to large office landscapes as to individual offices. Even though HÅG Futu is fully functional, it nevertheless lacks long dominating levers and ugly dials that disturb the visual expression.

HÅG Futu is the first chair with the newly developed technology HÅG call inBalance. inBalance is a seat mechanism that ensures that you sit extremely comfortably and in balance, regardless of whether you are small and light or very tall and heavy. The chair follows your every movement – either stretching backwards or leaning forwards to your desk. And best of all, you are in control of the chair, not vice versa. Want to know which position is the best? It’s always the next one! An ergonomic chair is a chair that follows you naturally into the next sitting position. It must obey the body’s small and large movements and stay still when that is required, just like HÅG Futu.

HÅG Futu complies with the strictest environmental requirements both with respect to manufacture and choice of materials. It is manufactured using a minimum of resources and no environmentally harmful materials. A huge 97% of the chair can be recycled and almost 50% of the chair’s components are made from previously recycled materials. HÅG Futu is also GREENGUARD certified, which guarantees that the chair has no harmful emissions. In common with all of HÅG’s chairs, the environmental profile for HÅG Futu will be documented in the Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) – in accordance with ISO 14025. HÅG is registered as an environmentally conscious company within the EU EMAS arrangement (Eco Management Audit Scheme). We also have environmental management systems in accordance with NS-ISO 14001.

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