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Magic Inflatable Back Support - Small

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Small, self inflating back support.

The Magic Range is a unique, innovative concept from Putnams. The range is self-inflating simply by opening the valve, the foam core automatically expands by sucking in air. You choose the degree of support to suit your personal needs. Simple to use.

With the valve open, press the Magic range product until the desired size and comfort is obtained, then close the valve. Ideal for car, plane coach and train, a travel must have to avoid aches and pains.

Lightweight, waterproof and covered in hard-wearing cotton, they are completely adjustable, very supportive and because they have a foam core they are very stable.

Ergonomically shaped to support the lower lumbar region and encourage good posture. This small, posture back support adjusts to the natural curves of the spine. Includes an adjustable fixing strap.

Dimensions HxWxD (mm)
Waterproof Cotton
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Magic Inflatable Back Support - Small

From £26.46 (£22.05 +VAT)

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From £26.46 (£22.05 +VAT)