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Is There Any Funding Available?

Disabled Students Allowance

Shape Posture Seating are proud to be recognised as a supplier of specialist ergonomic equipment for the Disabled Students Allowance scheme.

If you have not yet applied for funding, you would need to apply directly with the DSA. For further information on this scheme please visit their website.

Access to Work Scheme

If you’re disabled or have a physical or mental health condition that makes it hard for you to do your job, you can:

  • talk to your employer about changes they must make in your workplace
  • get extra help from Access to Work, including mental health support

The government's advice page on the Access to Work Scheme can be found here.

If you have already applied for funding and have received your assessment, but are looking to source the equipment suggested, Shape would be happy to assist you. Contact one of our sales team or assessors on 01629 814656, or and we will get straight back to you.

With all our specialist chairs supplied through these schemes we operate on a trial basis to ensure that your needs are being met. Should there be any concerns following the trial we would ask that you contact your assessor for further guidance and we will help in providing them with feedback to assist you in getting the equipment that you need.

*FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £200* | Call for Advice on 01629 814656

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