YoYo Desk® 90 Sit-Stand Platform - Shape Seating

YoYo Desk® 90 Sit-Stand Platform

£299.95 (£249.96 +VAT)
  • Pain/Problem
    • Lumbar Pain lumbar-pain-3 The lumbar region is sometimes referred to as the lower spine, or as an area of the back in its proximity.
    • Coccyx Pain coccyx pain 2 The coccyx, commonly referred to as the tailbone, is the final segment of the vertebral column in humans and apes.
    • Neck & Shoulder neck shoulder 3 The neck is the body part between the head and torso.
    • Sciatic Pain sciatic-pain-2 The sciatic nerve is a large nerve in humans and other animals. It begins in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the lower limb.
    • Pelvic Pain pelvic pain 2 The pelvis is either the lower part of the trunk, between the abdomen and the thighs, or the skeleton embedded in it.
    • Spinal Curvature or Pressure spinal curvature Spinal curvature is when there's abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.
    • Lumbar SupportNullam cursus, libero quis faucibus euismod, metus justo pellentesque tortor, at auctor nisi ipsum sit amet libero. Vivamus vehicula luctus consequat. Quisque iaculis, ante eget semper semper, nisi ipsum egestas libero, id sagittis nulla nisi vitae velit.
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YoYo Desk® 90 Sit-Stand Platform.

• Large frame and a deep desk top
• 59cm desktop depth for large desk space
• 15cm distance between desk top and keyboard tray levels
• Larger footprint. Requires more space on existing desk
• Mobust and stable (at highest position)
• Two handles needed to operate transition up/down
• Dual gas struts (small)

• 15 adjustable heights

• Desktop height range: 15 – 50cm

• Available in Black or White

Frame Size
Worktop Size - w89cm x d59
Weight Rating
Height Range
35cm Height Range
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YoYo Desk® 90 Sit-Stand Platform

From £299.95 (£249.96 +VAT)

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From £299.95 (£249.96 +VAT)

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Anti Fatigue Mat

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Anti Fatigue Mat for for use whilst working standing up at your desk. Standing to work is becoming widely accepted for it's health benefits; keeping your body active and in it's natural posture to avoid or help relieve back pain - but standing in one place can be tiring on the feet, knees, back and hips, so it is only natural that you would want something a little bit softer under you to help keep your body and mind active just that little bit longer. 100cm wide x 50cm deep, this mat is the perfect size to fit under your height adjustable desk, or sit-stand desk solution.  Combine with any of our electric desks, or sit stand platforms.

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