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Saturnus Numeric Keypad and Calculator (Silver / USB)

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The Saturnus Numeric keypad is suitable for users who are involved in intensive data entry

Design fits: with the S-board 840 compact keyboard
Including: hand-held calculator functionality
Smart: extendable USB cable
Quality: comfortable typing (shear mechanism instead of membranes)
Unique: 26 different keys on one number pad
Connection: USB

Split Adjust
Dimensions HxWxD (mm)
Weight (kg)
KB Shape
Numeric only
Full Size
Mac Compatible
Cordless Type
Programmable Buttons
Mulitmedia Keys
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Saturnus Numeric Keypad and Calculator (Silver / USB)

From £55.14 (£45.95 +VAT)

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From £55.14 (£45.95 +VAT)

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Ultraboard 940 Compact Keyboard

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The UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard is a unique ergonomic keyboard that can be used wirelessly as well as via a USB cable.  Up to 5 wireless Bluetooth computers or mobile devices can be connected at the touch of a button, and switching between them is effortless.  This cable can also be used to charge the keyboard. This compact ergonomic keyboard reduces the reach for your mouse to help reduce the risk of upper limb disorders. Dark letters on a bright background make the keys stand out and help reduce eye strain.

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CIT Mini Keyboard (Black/USB)

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The CIT Mini Keyboard with its compact size and low profile square keys (chiclet style), is the ideal keyboard for people with limited desk space or for use with a portable computer. The numeric keypad on this keyboard is integrated into the standard keys, and is available once the Num Lock key is pressed, helping in reducing the overall footprint of this keyboard. Key Features Chiclet Style Keyboard - With low profile square keys. Ergonomic Design - Helping in reducing strain from prolonged use of the keyboard Integrated Keypad - Although smaller keyboard than the standard 104 / 105 key keyboard, the number pad is still available, with the use of the Num Lock key, part of your standard keys are substituted for the number pad.

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Saturnus Mini Keyboard (Silver / USB)

From £65.94 (£54.95 +VAT)

The Saturnus Mini Keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard that places the mouse in the right position. Handy: Comes with multimedia keys and 2 USB ports (USB hub) Optimal layout: extra wide space-bar and user-friendly positioned arrow keys Mobile: only 2 cm thick and lightweight Ergonomic: pleasurable typing feeling (shear mechanism instead of membranes) Can be extended with a complementary numeric keyboard (number pad)

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