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Vertical Mouse 4 Wireless

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The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is a unique design that places the bones, tendons and muscles of the forearm into its neutral position. Traditional mice force the user to twist the forearm, putting strain throughout the arm. This wireless version makes using the mouse even more ergonomic!

  • The Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is the latest generation of the ever popular Evoluent series.

  • Lighter, easier to use, with wireless functionality and convenient pointer speed adjustment.

  • Five buttons can be individually programmed to perform a variety of functions for speeding up common tasks with a single touch.

  • Optical sensor accurately tracks the movement of the mouse without a ball for improved reliability.

  • Reshaped to fit a greater range of hand sizes.

  • Available only in the right handed version.

  • Small version available for the Right Hand user

  • Can be used on a MAC but you will not be able to programme buttons

Dimensions HxWxD (mm)
84x73x110mm(small), 90x80x110mm(standard)
Weight (kg)
0.2 kg
Mac Compatible
Yes-buttons will not be programmable
Cordless Type
Programmable Buttons
Sensor Type (Laser/Blue Ray)
Left or Right Hand or Ambidextrous
Suitable for Detailed Work
Gripless Use
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Vertical Mouse 4 Wireless

From £155.94 (£129.95 +VAT)

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From £155.94 (£129.95 +VAT)

The Vertical Mouse remains steady, not moving sideways when clicking with normal force as the thumb naturally opposes the finger movements. The mouse has a patented shape that supports your hand in a fully upright handshake position that eliminates the forearm twisting required by ordinary mice, thus relieving hand, wrist, and arm pain.