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QUICK SHIP - RH Mereo 200 + Arms

£898.80 (£749.00 +VAT)
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Uncompromising ergonomics combined with innovation and design. The RH Mereo office chair helps you to achieve an active sitting position, better concentration and better performance. RH Mereo is perfect for workplaces where several people use the same office chair.

RH Mereo 200 has a medium back and comes as standard with castors for carpeted floors and shell/base in grey or black lacquered aluminium. It can also be enhanced with a range of options including armrests as below.

Ships direct to you with the following specification:


Free Float Knee Tilt
Seat Tilt
Independent Back Angle Adjustment
Seat Depth Adjustment
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Seat Size
Medium Seat
Back Size
Medium Back
Weight Rating
23 Stone
Seat Height
Backrest Width
Seat Depth
Seat Width
Backrest Height
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quick ship rh mereo 200 ergonomic chair

QUICK SHIP - RH Mereo 200 + Arms

From £898.80 (£749.00 +VAT)

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From £898.80 (£749.00 +VAT)

RH introduces a task chair which is both a work tool and a business tool. RH Mereo is crafted to improve your individual performance as well as the performance of the whole workplace. It is easily adapted for everyone, whatever your size or shape. This makes it a personal chair as well as a chair for the wider office. In RH Mereo the 2PP™ principle brings active sitting to everyone. Easy adjustments are all it takes. RH Mereo fuses innovation, functionality, usability RH Mereo and design. Inside and out. You are invited to adjust to a perfect work mode. All day, every day.

RH Mereo is a work tool. Improving performance for people and businesses, contributing to your achievements. This is quite a statement. A breakthrough in the task chair market, RH Mereo lives up to all expectations. Innovation and design from every angle, all new engineering, intuitive functionality and Scandinavian quality. RH Mereo is easily fitted to meet your individual needs. Easy adjustments all it takes. RH Mereo brings active sitting to one and all. It places you in a perfect work mode.

THE DESIGN CHALLENGE With RH Mereo we aimed to design a task chair which gives everyone a sitting experience as if individually fitted. Giving ambitious people with long workdays the opportunity to benefit from RH’s dynamic ergonomics. A contemporary chair to be shared, as often as required in today’s movable workplaces. A versatile, useful chair with wide appeal. We are happy to say that we succeeded.

ONE CHAIR FITS ALL A small adjustment is all it takes to fit RH Mereo for any user. Whatever your size or shape. One chair fits everyone in the workplace and will bring active sitting to all. RH Mereo is tested in accordance with international standards and norms, with excellent results. It is solid, easily upgradable, durable and will improve performance at the workplace for years to come. With RH Mereo you will only need one chair.

SEEING AND SENSING With RH Mereo form follows function. Everything is there for a reason and has a purpose. It is all precise, logical and intuitive. Innovation and design from every angle, all new engineering and Scandinavian quality. An RH Mereo is all about seeing and sensing. Ergonomics and comfort work from the inside and show on the outside. As soon as you sit in an RH Mereo you feel what it can do.

EASY ADJUSTMENT The 2PP™ engineering of an RH Mereo creates active sitting. All you have to do is to sit down, adjust the chair to your body and enjoy smooth and frictionless movement. Backrest angle, headrest and armrests are intuitively placed. RH Mereo has dynamic ergonomics made easy and accessible. Placing you in a perfect work mode, all day, every day. Get adjusted.