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Aeris updates their range...

It was about time to reinvent the way we work and live. So that’s just what Aeris did.

The issue: We sit too much and don’t move enough. This is detrimental to our health. The lack of activity robs us of our concentration, energy and creativity, even after a short amount of time.

The solution: Aeris is driven by the goal of keeping our bodies in constant movement. Their products and concepts contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle. They enable movement in precisely the areas where it’s least expected, but where it‘s needed the most – when sitting.

Aeris is driven by developing products and concepts to keep our bodies moving throughout the day.

Sounds like a workout or another strenuous training method?

Not at all! In fact, the opposite is true. Your body makes all of the movements, which provide an array of positive health benefits by itself, without the need for any additional movement. There’s no need to keep a treadmill under your desk or have a mini coach shouting in your ear. You can just get on with your work as usual.

See the updated swopper here.

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