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New Logic 200 & 220 Ergonomic Chair

The new RH Logic 200/220 can be enhanced with a wide range of options and accessories.

Clear functions through pictograms or shapes guides the user how to adjust the chair, and are easily reached and visible while seated. The RH Logic 200/220 is designed to be adjustable to anyone and anybody.


Tilt mechanism. The new RH Logic 200/220 has an infinitely adjustable free floating mechanism that can be locked in any chosen position. We recommend working with the movement mechanism open to encourage active seating - remember, the next position is always the best! The chair also has an independent adjustable backrest angle for support in any position. 

Available in 4 sizes: Medium Back Logic 200 or Logic 200 XL, and High Back Logic 220 or Logic 220 XL

Design by: Jonas Stokke & Oystein Austad, and Flokk Design Team

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