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11 Degree Coccyx Cutout Seat Wedge

From: £36.00 (£30.00 +VAT)
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Tilts the pelvis correctly, so the spine is in its natural position significantly decreasing pain in the lower back and legs.

  • Balanced pelvic tilt
  • Aligns spine to its natural curve
  • Reduces fatigue caused by static
  • posture
  • Coccyx cut-out option
  • Optional fixing strap
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11 Degree Coccyx Cutout Seat Wedge

Coccyx Cut Out?Yes
Carriage£6 or FREE Delivery on orders over £200
Product Warranty1 Year
Model11 Degree Coccyx Cutout Wedge
Dimensions HxWxD (mm)95x360x360mm