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959 Footrest

From: £229.14 (£190.95 +VAT)
Delivery Time: 1-2 days

The 959 can easily be manually adjusted in height and angle simply by using your feet. The "open" frame allows the footrest to be placed close to the chair without it interfering with the base of the chair. Made from high quality materials such as steel and impact-resistant plastic (ABS). Free tilting angle.

Height adjustment 9-37cm
Foot operated
Adjustable tilting angle

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959 Footrest

Product Information

Why and When you would use a footrest

Footrests can be really helpful in improving comfort levels and posture, reduce pressure on the lower spine and improve blood circulation; however, if used incorrectly can force the body into an awkward, unnatural posture.

So when should you use a footrest?

Use a footrest if, once you are sitting at an optimal height, your feet are not firmly on the floor, you need to relieve pressure from under your thighs or to encourage a more relaxed natural posture.

A simple footrest such as the Addit adjustable footrest which is adjustable to 4 different height settings should suit most people working at a standard height desk. If however, your worktop is higher, such as counter height, then a footrest such as the 959 footrest will raise much higher than a standard footrest and is easily adjustable to a suitable height. This product is particularly useful at counter height workstations.

A footrest can help you to get maximum benefit from your ergonomic chair by having your feet supported.  If your chair does not have a waterfall seat and is causing pressure behind your knees/backs of your legs, then a footrest can be really beneficial in improving your circulation and comfort.

Carriage£8 or FREE Delivery on orders over £200
Height Adjustable (Y/N)Yes
Weight (kg)6.9kg
Foot Rest or Leg SupportFoot Rest
Height settings (Quantity)N/A
Static Y/NYes
Non Slip surface (Y/N)Yes
Angle AdjustableYes
Product Warranty1 Year
Model959 Footrest
Dimensions HxWxD (mm)90x520x400(mm)
Height Adjustment Range (mm)280mm
Front Height Min (mm)90mm
Front height Max (mm)370mm
Rear height Min (mm)Data unavailable
Rear height Max (mm)Data unavailable