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Adapt 200 - Bespoke Petit Ergonomic Chair

From: £510.00 (£425.00 +VAT)
Delivery Time: 2 weeks

Our 'petite' offering, the Adapt® 200 chair offers superb ergonomics for smaller, lighter users who are often not very well catered for in the general ergonomic chair market.

This chair is supplied on a made-to-measure only basis. Shape will work with you to ensure that the chair is right for you. ***THIS IS A BESPOKE CHAIR AND AS SUCH WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU PURCHASE THIS ONLINE. PLEASE CONTACT SHAPE TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS WITH US***

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Adapt 200 - Bespoke Petit Ergonomic Chair

Product Information

We can fully customise this chair with all of Ergochair's Adaptations™ making it especially suitable for people with growth restrictions or for students and children with very specific needs and conditions - Talk to us for more information.

Memory Foam?Yes
Seat TiltYes
Mechanism3-lever Independent Mechanism
Independent Back Angle AdjustmentYes
Seat Depth AdjustmentYes
Adjustable Lumbar SupportYes
Back HeightCustom Made
Seat SizeSmall Seat
RangeAdapt 200
Seat Height410-490mm
Weight Capacity19 Stone
Backrest Width270-410mm
Seat Depth330-410mm
Seat Width270-410mm
Backrest Height370-690mm