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Grahl Type 11 DuoBack

From: £876.00 (£730.00 +VAT)
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Grahl Duo-Back Type 11, Synchronous Tilt mechanism with sliding seat, includes A/S Independent Seat Tilt with +4 degrees forward tilt.

Duo-Back® is equipped with a unique dual backrest, with the two elements moving independently of each other.

Height adjustable, the backrests correctly support the back of any user. The space between the pads allows the spine to move freely. Instead of putting pressure on the spine, support is evenly distributed throughout the back muscles.

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Grahl Type 11 DuoBack

Product Information

The independently mounted DuoBack back rest pads flex and move with your movements.  This flexibility ensures that when you place pressure on the top of the back rest, however slight, greater lumbar support is achieved as the lower section of the backrest pads push forwards into the lumbar region.  This applies to all of the DuoBack backrests, regardless of the chair collection.

One adjustment that is unique to the Type 11 & 12 DuoBack chairs, is lateral adjustment of the back rest pads.  The further apart the pads are set, the greater the flexibility.  The DuoBack has earned the nickname 'Hugger' because it does just that.  The further apart the pads are adjusted, the more they will 'Hug' your back.

If you do not wish to have such flexibility in the back rest movement then closing the gap creates a firmer back support.  However, there is still some movement as this is what the DuoBack is designed to do! 

Coccyx Cut Out?Optional
Seat TiltYes
MechanismSynchronous Movement
Seat Depth AdjustmentYes
Back HeightMedium Split Back
Seat SizeSmall Seat
RangeGrahl Type 11/12
Seat Height410-550mm (standard)
Weight Capacity19.5 Stone
Backrest Width400-450mm
Seat Depth460-510mm Actual (effective depth 38-43cm)
Seat Width460mm
Backrest Height430-500mm