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RH Logic 400 Ergonomic Office Chair

RRP: £1,360.80
From: £1,156.68 (£963.90 +VAT)
Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks

BEST OVERALL: One of the most popular ergonomic office chairs, and in our opinion the best office chair for overall ergonomics and quality the RH Logic 400 ergonomic chair shares with the Logic 1 to 4 the unique free floating action that has won this range the ergonomics excellence award for over 10 years.

Every RH chair is designed so that it takes only a simple operation to adjust it if you want to move closer to your desk, recline or move freely. RH chairs make all variations possible.

In this chair you choose your position. The chair follows the smallest movement and gives you full strain relief, support and comfort. All the controls can be reached while sitting in the chair, facilitating ease of use.

The Logic 400 is also available with an XL seat suitable for the taller user.

If you are choosing this model to help with coccyx pain, we advise that you choose the coccyx cut-out option from the product builder below.

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*FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £200* | Call for Advice on 01629 814656

RH Logic 400 Ergonomic Office Chair

Product Information

Why buy the RH Logic 400?

A truly excellent all-rounder, the RH Logic 400 has, in our opinion, the best posture support mechanism on the market. The 2 Point Knee Tilt Mechanism, pivoting from the front edge of the seat, and the fluid movement mechanism combine to provide constant support and encourage movement and variation of postures throughout the day, without losing the support to the back.

Suitable for: 

Particularly suited to the medium to tall user, the high backrest supports the back throughout the spine from lumbar to shoulders, and encourages the shoulders to open.

Seat Options:

Logic 300 and 400 both come with the option to add memory foam to the seat, if you prefer a softer sit, or a coccyx cu-out to help relieve pain caused by coxxydenia, or realted muskulskeletal disorders. 

10 Year Guarantee:

With a 10 year guarantee for normall office use (8 Hours), the RH Logic will stand the tes of time, and is a testamant to the quality of the chair.

Memory Foam?Optional
Seat TiltYes
MechanismFree Float Pelvic Tilt
Independent Back Angle AdjustmentYes
Seat Depth AdjustmentYes
Adjustable Lumbar SupportYes
Back HeightHigh Back
Seat SizeMedium Seat
Product Warranty10 Years
RangeRH Logic
Seat Height410-530mm
Weight Capacity23 Stone
Backrest Width445mm
Seat Depth475-535mm
Seat Width465mm
Backrest Height600-680mm