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FlexDesk Adjustable Document Holder/Writing Slope

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Multi-functional design combining document holder and writing slope in a single product. Locks in two positions:

Push it away from you to use as a document holder.

Pull it towards you to use as a writing slope.

Dimensions 110x490x310mm (Height x Width x Depth)

Works with most standard keyboards, but ideal for use with a compact keyboard.

Improves comfort and efficiency. Reduces the risk of eye, neck and back injuries. Space saving increases "central" desk space. Height adjustable (back range: 115-175mm). White acrylic base.

Winner of the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award, The NEW Flexdesk with white acrylic surface is ideal for helping to prevent twisting of the spine when referring to documents and writing whilst at the computer.

Placed directly in front of your monitor at an appropriate angle the copyholder allows you to refer to your paperwork whilst typing without twisting the neck or bending over the table.

The platform also serves as a writing slope that can slide over your keyboard so you don't have to keep moving to the side of your desk. This allows you to keep you back in contact with the backrest on your chair and therefore maintain a natural curve in the spine.

Dimensions (HxWxD mm)
110x490x310mm (at lowest point) 137x490x265mm (at highest point)
Height Adjustable (Y/N)
Yes (115-175mm)
Angle Adjustable (Y/N)
Yes (3 levels of adjustment)
Support Lever Arch File (Y/N)
Suitable For Documents Up To:
In-line with monitor (Y/N)
Combined Reading/Writing Slope (Y/N)
Book Holder (Y/N)
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FlexDesk Adjustable Document Holder/Writing Slope

From £137.94 £124.15 (£103.45 +VAT) Save 10%

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From £137.94 £124.15 (£103.45 +VAT) Save 10%