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Many illnesses, whether temporary or chronic, cause disabilities which affect the individual’s level of activity, making it difficult to continue with everyday activities at home and in the workplace: This applies to people with arthritis, spinal diseases, multiple sclerosis, and the effects of thrombosis or a stroke. These diseases can cause varying disabilities such as balance problems, reduced strength in the legs, arms or hands, reduced mobility of the joints or pain.

Diseases can cause general mobility problems such as walking difficulties, problems with standing, problems getting into and out of a chair, and the need to sit down to perform activities that healthy people generally do standing up.

It is well known that you recover faster if you keep yourself going. The same applies to chronic disease, when you have to cope with various disabilities. Aids and changes in your environment can help you continue with daily activities and chores.

VELA has many years of experience in finding just the right chair to support and encourage activities and daily chores despite temporary or chronic illness. VELA has several models of customised chairs that are well suited to the home or the workplace.

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