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What Is The Best Chair For My Back Pain?

Choosing an ergonomic chair that is right for you is an important decision. In most cases a consultation would be advisable to assess which products would be suitable for your needs so please do contact us on 01629 814656 for some free advice from our qualified assessors. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Do you have Lumbar Pain?

Take a look at the RH Logic range of ergonomic office chairs, offering inflatable lumbar support and free floating mechanism, allowing active movement and providing constant support where you need it. This range offers medium and high back versions and has varying seat depths to suit people of different sizes. Or try the Adapt 600 range, with a more contoured backrest and memory foam seat as standard, and can be customized to suit most needs. Also among our favourites is the Active Ergonomics Orangebox FLO, offering free float movement with a lumbar and thoracic support as standard, and the unique Hoganas+ which follows your every movement!. 

Nearly all our orthopaedic chairs offer effective lumbar support in some form. Please ask for advice on your specific needs or browse through our Specialist Posture Seating section:

Best office chairs for lower back pain

Do you have Pelvic Pain?

Try the Axia 2.0 range of ergonomic chairs, or the Mesh Back Axia Air Pro. These are specifically designed to provide support directly to the pelvis, rotating the pelvis and encouraging natural alignment of the spine. Or try the SpiraPLUS chair, which has inflatable pelvic and lumbar support as standard.

Best office chairs for pelvic pain

Do you have Neck Pain?

Many of the ergonomic computer chairs we provide can help with neck pain, such as the RH Logic, Axia, Hoganas+ etc. However, the root cause may be very simple, and associated with the positioning of your monitor, or the way you use your mouse or keyboard. Keeping your neck in a relaxed and neutral position is crucial. Some of our favourite chair models are listed here, but many can be fitted with neck supports...

Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain

Do you have Sciatic Pain?

Sciatic pain originates in the lower back, with compression on the scitic nerve caused by irritation, inflamation impingment of the nerve itself. The key, we have found, to helping relieve sciatic nerve pain is to open up the pelvic angle and maintain the neutral/natural curve to your spine as much as possible. When using an office chair at a tradional height desk this can cause difficulties if the chair does not allow for an open sitting posture, with a backrest that will both recline, and support your back effectively. Having 'enough' support in lower back (lumbar spine) is crucial to prevent the spine from flattening out, where the vertabrae become compressed, and strain/nerve impingement can develop (This is based on our experience as ergonomic chair specialists, not as medical professionals).  So if you are sitting down, we would always advocate choosing a chair that supports an open pelvic posture, and lumbar support - and no better chairs can be found than the New RH Logic 200 and 220 or the Hoganas+ range for sciatic pain in our opinion. However, standing up occasionally to work will put your boddy into the most neutral posture, the way nature intended, so sitting at a chair that allows open postures, lumbar support and work well with standing desks are and excellent choice. Look no further than the HAG Capisco range for a truly versatile posture chair.

Best Office Chairs for Sciatic Pain

Do you have Coccyx Pain?

One of the most common, and difficult to treat, areas of discomfort we deal with at Shape is coccyx pain. Many of our chairs can be fitted with coccyx cut-out seats, either with visible cut-outs, or more discreat fabric covered zones. yet we need to be very careful with how we treat coccyx pain, and we would always reccomend you seek professional advice before purchasing a chair to help with your coccyx pain. The seat size, firmness of foam, position of cut-out etc, and even how you work, can all be significant factors in whether the solution will actually work for you. So please do contact us for more advice on 01629 814656

Best Office Chairs for Coccyx Pain

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