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REAL 9000 PLUS - Manual Lift Chair with Integrated Brake System

From: £1,276.80 (£1,064.00 +VAT)
Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks

Manually Operated Height Adjustable Chair

*This is a bespoke chair and as such we recommend that you seek professional advice before purchasing. Please feel free to contact Shape and we will arrange a consulation to assess your needs. Following an assessment a quotation would be submitted for the specification of chair required. All images, pricing, features and dimensions shown are indicative only and subject to change following our assessments.

*Main Image shows the Manual REAL 9000 Plus with Ergomedic PLUS Seat System. The base prices shown are for the Manual REAL 9000 Plus with Ergomedic Seat System.

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*FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £200* | Call for Advice on 01629 814656

REAL 9000 PLUS - Manual Lift Chair with Integrated Brake System

Product Information


A specialist mobility chair must offer supreme functionality, quality, and ensure good ergonomics. Developed and manufactured in Sweden the REAL 9000 PLUS does it all.

The REAL 9000 PLUS-system chairs helps users to be more independent by enabling them to perform tasks without assistance either at home or in a working environment. You can use either your arms or your legs to move the chair around.

It’s easy to adjust the seat height manually and thereby ensuring an ergonomically correct position at the work surface.

A large range of seats, back rests, castors, lifts and accessories makes it easy to create a functional yet comfortable chair.

The REAL 9000 PLUS has a stable, welded frame with 360° castors and a safe and easy to use brake. The frame is small yet still offers plenty of room for the feet. As standard, this chair is longer at the back than at the front to keep the risk of tipping over to a minimum. The brake system, with its individual brake legs and durable brake pads, ensures maximum friction on all types of surfaces.

All REAL chairs from Mercado Medic have an extensive range of available accessories (Please inquire by phone or email): Seats, Backrests and Covers, Armrests, Leg Rests and Footrests, Foot Ring, Headrest and Body Supports, Seat Belts, Brake Pedal, and Strolling Bracket.

An assessment to assertain the correct sizing and specification of chair is essential, so please get in touch with one of our team to discuss an appointment. Shape offer the Mercado Medic chairs suitable for both children and adults.

Seat TiltOptional Seat Tilt Mechanism
MechanismVari-Lock mechanism
Independent Back Angle AdjustmentYes
Adjustable Lumbar SupportOptional
Back HeightMedium Backrest
Seat SizeMedium Seat
SupplierMercado Medic
RangeReal 9000 Plus
Seat HeightSitting Height 450-730mm
Weight Capacity23.5 Stone
Backrest Width420mm
Seat Depth480mm
Seat Width440mm
Backrest Height430mm