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ACTIVE VELA TANGO 700EL with LOW LIFT - Electric Lift Chair with Integrated Brake System

From:  £3,028.80 (£2,524.00 +VAT)
Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks

Electrically Operated Height Adjustable Chair:

With a VELA Tango 700E, you can choose between two different styles of ergonomically designed seats and backrests:

Active’ seats and backrests (THIS PRODUCT) offer great comfort and light support. It comes in various sizes to fit your body and support needs.

Contour’ seats and backrests offer excellent comfort and a high degree of support. Both the seat and backrest are shaped with side support that helps stabilise your sitting position.

*This is a bespoke chair and as such we recommend that you seek professional advice before purchasing. Please feel free to contact Shape and we will arrange a consulation to assess your needs.

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*FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £200* | Call for Advice on 01629 814656

ACTIVE VELA TANGO 700EL with LOW LIFT - Electric Lift Chair with Integrated Brake System

Product Information

  • Sit down and perform your usual standing activities without draining your energy
  • Stable and safe chair with a central brake and supportive armrestsarmrests
  • “Walk” the chair around in a secure and comfortable manner
  • Excellent support and sitting comfort
  • Stepless, electric height adjustment of the seat provides gentle and safe regulation of the seat height for those with arthritisdifficulty walkingsclerosis and Parkinson’s disease

VELA Tango 700E is an all new, upgraded design of the popular Vela Tango range designed for active people for use at home, at the workplace, and in rehabilitation or training facilities to secure an optimal sitting position as well as optimal ergonomics, safety and comfort for all persons with disabilities or limited mobility. The large handled brake system gives a fixed position when needed, or when unlocked the four large-diameter wheels provide easy manoeuvring.

VELA Tango 700E has all the benefits of a work chair, such as good stability, large castors, central brake, adjustment of seat height, seat rotation, seat angle, foldable adjustable armrests and a wide range of accessories to choose from.

Electric controls on the 700E are easily reached under the left or right armrests with sitting heights between 40cm and 66cm with the 200mm Lift. This can be set at intervals according to the needs of the user and is set as standard at interval 2 with a height range of 42-62cm. Alternatively a 300mm lift can take the chair between 45 and 81cm at intervals.

TRIED & TESTED 4-Wheeled Braking System

The central braking system is easy to lock with one handle and incredibly stable providing the confidence to be able to get in and out of the chair without fear of the chair slipping away from you  Added to this the stable armrests make it easier to get into and out of the chair: the user can lean their full weight onto the armrest as the chair will not move. This is a benefit to users who have problems regarding mobility or balance

The chair has smoothly running wheels and plenty of room for the feet. This means that when unlocked, the user can easily ‘walk’ the chair while sitting down and move around without assistance - promoting independent living/working.

VELA has an extensive range of accessories (Please inquire by phone or email): Seats, Backrests and Covers, Armrests, Leg Rests and Footrests, Foot Ring, Headrest and Body Supports, Seat Belts,  Table Tray, Brake Pedal, and Strolling Bracket.



With 200 mm Actuator:

35.0-55.0 cm,
36.5-56.5 cm
38.5-58.5 cm,
40.5-60.5 cm,
42.5-62.5 cm

With 300 mm Actuator:

41.5-71.5 cm,
43.0-73.0 cm
45.0-75.0 cm,
47.0-77.0 cm,
49.0-79.0 cm


Small: 40 x 40 cm
Medium: 44 x 44 cm
Large: 47 x 47 cm
X-large: 49 x 49 cm



Small: 38 x 22 cm
Medium: 38 x 30 cm
Large: 40 x 40 cm
X-large: 40 x 45 cm
Medium: 36 x 38 cm
Large: 39 x 43 cm
X-large: 41 x 48 cm

Seat Tilt Yes
Mechanism Vari-Lock mechanism with Seat Recline
Independent Back Angle Adjustment Yes
Adjustable Lumbar Support Optional
Armrests Yes
Back Height Small/Medium/Large Options
Seat Size Medium Seat
Range VELA Tango
Seat Height Factory Setting 36.5cm to 56.5cm (Other height ranges available)
Weight Capacity 25 Stone
Backrest Width Various Sizes of Back Width Available
Seat Depth Various Sizes of Seat Depth Available
Seat Width Various Sizes of Seat Width Available
Backrest Height Various Sizes of Back Height Available
50 Years