How We Help You - Shape Seating

How We Help You

We are here to help you...

  1. We have over 50 years experience and are a family owned and run business.

  2. Some of our chairs are available on a 'try before you buy'* option (*terms & conditions apply - some chairs may be excluded from this offer). Please inquire if you are interested in this option.

  3. You can always expect the best advice - we want to help you choose what is best for you, not us.

  4. We always aim to set -up specialist chairs on site to make sure you get the most out of your chair. Shape will contact you once your order is placed to discuss this option.

  5. We have one of the most extensive ranges of chairs and accessories in the UK.

  6. Central location with large showroom.

  7. Complete service - from the very first contact we aim to provide the best service and advice, through to delivery, set-up and beyond.

  8. Friendly service with an understanding of your individual needs.

  9. Qualified and professional staff.

  10. Your comfort is our primary concern

From the very first contact we aim to provide the best service and advice, through to delivery, set-up and beyond. It is our firm belief that the specialist chairs we sell should be fitted to the user correctly by a qualified member of our staff. We feel the user will benefit much more than if the chair were to be simply left on your doorstep.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FOR SOME FREE ADVICE OVER THE PHONEOur trained assessors will talk to you to discuss your needs and help you make the right choice. 

We have over thirty years experience selling chairs. Beginning first in a small showroom in Sheffield, then moving out to Bakewell and expanding into the Web, we have sat in, sold and learned about office chairs ever since 1967. But the web and a store are different: It is easy and fun to show a chair in a showroom - Try this one, move this paddle, sit in this one, etc... in this setting we are able to visibly show you our passion, knowledge, and our belief in the product we are selling; this was something we needed to carry over to the World Wide Web. We are not used car salespersons; as hard as this might be to fathom, we are genuinely invested in helping our clients find the office chairs that are best for them.